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2020-21 Arena Rule Update

By MLN, 10/09/20, 1:15PM EDT


To:     WHA Team Managers

From: Trudy Ivory, Arena Manager

RE:     Arena Guidelines and Safety

Welcome to the 2020/2021 ice season! Below is a list of important info that your coaches, players and parents need to be aware of:

  • The arena is owned by the City of Greensburg
  • WHA is the largest user group of ice usage for the arena. But you are NOT the only user group. There are 3 school districts, PIHL, Group Lessons for Tots through Adult, Greensburg Figure Skating Team, public session skaters and assorted pickup teams. The gentle reminder is that there is a lot that goes on in this building and each group is important to me.
  • If you decide to have a scrimmage game that was not listed on the schedule, tell me. Locker rooms will need marked.
  • If you are scheduling a party tell me. Your team may use the counter/stools and if necessary, we will set up a table.
  • The meeting room is NOT for parties. The only time any food items are permitted in the meeting room is if it is for adults. My staff has wiped more cake, ketchup, drinks, etc. off the walls and floors than necessary.
  • The rear doors are emergency exits only.
  • The garage and any other area clearly marked “keep out” or “employees only”, mean just that. My insurance company is adamant from a liability perspective that there are areas in this building that are NOT open to the public.
  • NO ONE is permitted to walk on the ice. Only USA Hockey registered players and coaches are permitted on the ice in skates.
  • Locker rooms need monitored by your team. Your child will do things when they are in a group setting that they would NEVER do at home or in your presence. This is your Home Ice. If you wouldn’t draw obscene items on the walls at home, don’t do it here.  
  • When is doubt…ask!