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PAHL Covid Update - November 18, 2020

By MLN 11/18/2020, 1:30pm EST

PAHL has sent the following message to member organizations to provide guidance in the wake of the recent mask mandate issued by the PA Department of Health. 


As hopefully you have all been notified by your association at this point, new PA government mandates state that everyone involved in indoor and outdoor sporting activity must wear masks.  This includes the players, coaches, admin personnel, spectators, officials - everyone.  This includes practices and games.  See new government mandates posted on the PAHL website at

This must be policed at the association/team level.  Please provide this information to all of your coaches, and families.  We are at the point in this Covid environment that everyone needs to knuckle down and do the right thing to stop the spread.

There are several alternatives for players.

1.  Conventional mask or gaiter across the face next to the skin under the helmet.

2.  Masks that attach to the cage/helmet that provide a small buffer between the mouth and the mask.  You can view these on the Pure Hockey website.  Your local pro shop may also have them.  If you have a crafty volunteer he/she may be able to make them by copying the picture online.  Just make sure that they have adequate coverage.  (see this link for one type:

3.  Clear face shields with the added "spit shield" at the bottom covering the chin area. 


Note that with officials being asked to wear masks also, their ability to utilize their whistles may be a bit compromised.  Please make your coaching staff aware of this and ask them to be patient during games. 


We are fortunate to be able to play our game with full teams in this pandemic.  This is just another little bump in the road to be able to continue forward.

We will keep you updated as to any changes as they happen.


Darcee Purvis
Executive Director, PAHL


WHA Hockey History

By MLN 11/06/2020, 12:30pm EST

We want to preserve the history of WHA in a digital format, and we need your help!

WHA representatives are working to build an online database of WHA and Laurel Tournament history. Anything from the old WHA days all the way to recent years!

If you have any photos, documents, information or other history of WHA or the Laurel Tournament, we would love for you to share it with us! Please email to help us recreate our history in a digital format. 

If you have hard copies of WHA literature, Laurel Tournament Programs, photos or other documents, we would be thrilled to borrow them, scan and return to you. Every piece of information is helpful for this exciting project. Thank you! #WHAHockey #WHAEagles

Fundraising Opportunity - Chipotle

By MLN 09/10/2020, 10:30am EDT

Show your team spirit by joining us for a fundraiser to support Westmoreland Hockey Association. Come in to the Chipotle at 2014 Lincoln Place in Greensburg on Wednesday, September 30th between 5:00pm and 9:00pm. Bring in this flyer, show it on your smartphone or tell the cashier you’re supporting the cause to make sure that 33% of the proceeds will be donated to Westmoreland Hockey Association.

NEW! ORDER ONLINE FOR PICKUP Use code CP2HY3N before checkout in ‘promo’ field. Orders placed on or through the Chipotle app for pickup using this unique code will be counted towards the fundraiser.

All online orders must be placed for pickup at the same time/location of the fundraiser. Delivery cannot be counted at this time. Gift card purchases during fundraisers do not count towards total donated sales, but purchases made with an existing gift card will count.


Fundraising Memo

Fundraising Memo (PDF | Word)

Fundraising Memo

Westmoreland Hockey Association (WHA) recognizes that ice hockey is an expensive sport to play. We try to reduce these costs both to the association and to the individual through a variety of fundraising programs. All fundraising programs at WHA are voluntary and are available to all WHA families.

Each year the acting WHA Fundraising Committee Chair researches and makes recommendations to the WHA Board of Directors (BOD) for fundraising programs for the upcoming season. The WHA BOD then votes which fundraising programs to offer during the upcoming season.

WHA offers families a few different options for fundraising throughout the season. These opportunities allow the individual families to accrue fundraising credits to offset their season dues.

Voluntary fundraising information will be available at the start of each season and will be communicated to you by your team manager and via the WHA website.

If a WHA member would like to propose a fundraiser for the entire organization, they are required to inform the WHA President about the proposal. They will be invited to attend a WHA BOD meeting to present the proposal. The WHA BOD will discuss and vote on the proposed fundraising program.

Individual team fundraising proposals are also required to be presented to the WHA BOD. The WHA BOD will review the proposal and determine if the activity is consistent with the mission and goals of WHA and does not conflict with current WHA Fundraising Programs. WHA does not provide capital or services for any individual team’s fundraising activities and WHA will be held harmless regarding any and all liabilities arising from such team activity.