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1. Our Yankee Candle Fundraiser has started.
Please visit this link to go to the Westmoreland Hockey Shop at Yankee Candle. Our group number is 990085096 

All online orders will be shipped directly to you or wherever you choose to have the order shipped.  Online orders are the easiest and most convenient way to order, plus there are items available only through online orders.  There will be forms and catalogs at the rink.  Anything ordered through the catalog and order form will need to have tax and shipping added to the the order.  Tax is 6%, and shipping rates are:
$15 on orders up to $100
$25 on orders up to $200
$30 on orders up to $300
$35 on orders up to $399.99
$50 on orders up to $999.99

Catalog orders will need to be picked up at the rink, and catalog orders are due by November 12th 2018.  Online orders can be placed a little later depending on the shipping destination.

Be sure to use the link provided: so you may get credit for the online purchases made.

2. Our Second Fundraiser is from the Laughlintown Pie Shoppe. As in the past, the pies will be coming from the Laughlintown Pie Shoppe for Thanksgiving.  Orders are due at the rink in the WHA mailbox by Nov 6th. Please turn in 1 check made out to WHA and 1 order form. No cash is to be put in the mailbox. Pickup will be on Sunday Nov 18th in the morning, a more exact time will be sent out closer to the date. Pies MUST be picked up during that time. For every item that is sold $2 will be credited to the player's account. 

3. Our Third Fundraiser is Applelicious.  These are candy dipped and covered apples and pretzelsGet your order form here (attached to this page). Orders and money are due Nov 13th 2018.
Large Apples will be sold for $12.95, $2.00 credit ea.
Small Apples will be sold for $9.95, $1.50 credit ea.
Pretzels will be sold for $3.95, $0.50 credit ea.

Any questions about any of the fundraisers:  Pieshoppe, Applelicious or Yankee Candle, please contact