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Board of Directors

WHA Mission

The Mission of the Westmoreland Hockey Association Board of Directors is to provide equal opportunity, quality instruction, good sportsmanship and an environment of respectfulness for all players, parents and coaches.

  • Our coaches shall emphasize player development.
  • Any decision by the board that impacts the program will be made in the best interest of all players.
  • All players at all levels are equally important to our program.
  • The individual conduct of board members will be maintained to ensure a positive culture in which all can honor the sport and exemplify an organization we can all be proud of.
  • We support the development of all players, regardless of playing ability.

Role of the Board

The property and affairs of the Westmoreland Hockey Association (“WHA”) shall be managed by the Board of Directors (hereinafter known as the “Board”). The Board shall have general management and control of the business and affairs of the Association and shall exercise all of the powers that may be exercised or performed by nonprofit corporations under the statutes of the State of Pennsylvania and the organization bylaws.

Board of Director Committees (2022-23 Season)

Executive Board Member
President Amy Roberts
Vice President Mary LeBlanc
Secretary Stephanie Pasquarelli
Treasurer Jeff Guidos
Registrar Lauren Gradwell


ADM Coordinator Louie Nestico
Banquet A. Roberts, R. Lute, L. Diorio
Budget & Finance J. Guidos, M. Hanley, L. Nestico
By Laws Louie Nestico
Coaching Coordinator Denny Zeravica
Discipline D. Merchant (Chair), M. Hanley, J. Miney
Equipment & Jerseys Adam Overly
Fundraisers A. Roberts, S. Pasquarelli, L. Diorio, A. Overly
Little Eagles L. Gradwell, L. Nestico
Hockey Operations D. Zeravica (Chair), L. Nestico, L. Gradwell, L. Diorio
Laurel Tournament M. Leblanc, L. Diorio, D. Merchant, L. Gradwell
Little Pens J. Miney, G. Moyer
Manager Coordinator Mary LeBlanc
PAHL Representatives M. LeBlanc, L. Nestico, A. Roberts, D. Merchant, J. Miney
Pictures Stephanie Pasquarelli
Referee Coordinator N/A
Safesport Coordinator R. Lute
Scheduling M. LeBlanc, L. Diorio
Spirit Wear S. Pasquarelli, A. Overly
Statistician Mike Hanley
Try Hockey Free A. Overly, D. Merchant, L. Diorio
Tryout Committee D. Zeravica, B. Kosczuk, D. Merchant, J. Guidos
Website & Social Media Louie Nestico


Board Members

President:  Amy Roberts (exp. 6/2023)

Vice President: Mary Leblanc (exp. 6/2024)

Secretary: Stephanie Pasquarelli (exp. 6/2024)

Treasurer: Jeff Guidos (exp. 6/2024)

Registrar: Lauren Gradwell (exp. 6/2023)

Lynette Diorio (exp. 6/2024)

Mike Hanley (exp. 6/2024)

Brian Kosczuk (exp. 6/2024)

Rachael Lute (exp. 6/2023)

Dan Merchant (exp. 6/2023)

Jared Miney (exp. 6/2023)

Louie Nestico (exp. 6/2024)

Adam Overly (exp. 6/2023)


Liaisons to the Board:

Denny Zeravica - WHA Coaching Coordinator

Glenn Moyer – Arena Manager

Meeting Dates and Minutes

The WHA Board of Directors typically meets on the second Thursday of each month in the Kirk S. Nevin Arena conference room. Please double check the date and time of the meeting if you wish to attend. Due to the nature of our volunteer Board, there are occasions when we must reschedule the date, time and/or meeting location on relatively short notice. If you wish to address the Board, please send a request to to be added to the agenda.

WHA Board Meeting Minutes 2021-2022 Season

2021.07.08 Regular Meeting Minutes
2021.08.12 Regular Meeting Minutes
2021.09.09 Regular Meeting Minutes
2021.10.14 Regular Meeting Minutes
2021.11.11 Regular Meeting Minutes
2021.12.09 Regular Meeting Minutes
2022.01 Regular Meeting Minutes
2022.02 Regular Meeting Minutes
2022.03 Regular Meeting Minutes
2022.04 Regular Meeting Minutes
2022.05 Regular Meeting Minutes
2022.06 Regular Meeting Minutes


Prior Meeting Minutes

Board Documents

Below you will find information regarding Board documents, meeting information and WHA policies.


Disciplinary Procedure Policy (PDF | Word)

Financial Responsibility Policy (PDF | Word)

Ice Usage Policy (PDF | Word)

Injured Player Policy (PDF | Word)

Locker Room Policy (PDF | Word)

Play Up Policy (PDF | Word)

Roster Addition Policy (PDF | Word)

Student Coaching Policy (PDF | Word)

Travel Policy (PDF | Word)

Codes of Conduct

Coaches (PDF | Word)

Parents (PDF | Word)

Players (PDF | Word)

Board Members (PDF | Word)



Photo/Video Release (PDF | Word)

Reimbursement Request (PDF | Word)

Tournament Roster Request (PDF | Word)

Unsanctioned Play Release (PDF | Word)


Fundraising Memo (PDF | Word)

Coaching Applications

All current and prospective volunteer coaches must fill out a WHA Coaching Application each season to coach within Westmoreland Hockey Association. There are other requirements beyond the Application. Please contact Coaching Coordinator Denny Zeravica for questions and information. 

WHA Coaching Application (2020) (PDF | Word)

Prior Meeting Minutes

Below you will find the Minutes from prior WHA Board meetings.