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Eagles Hockey


The Mission of the Westmoreland Hockey Association Board is to provide equal opportunity, quality instruction, good sportsmanship and an environment of respectfulness for all players, parents and coaches.

  • Our coaches shall at all times emphasize player development
  • Any decision by the board that impacts the program will be made in the best interest of ALL players.
  • All players at all levels are equally important to our program.
  • The individual conduct of board members will be maintained to ensure a positive culture in which all can honor the sport and exemplify an organization we can all be proud of.
  • We support the development of all players, regardless of playing ability.


President: Mandi Hammond

Vice President: Mary Leblanc

Treasurer: Jeff Guidos

Secretary: Darla Bryant

General Manager: Michelle Miller

Ralph Ritenour

Heather Ruffner

Mike Kenna

Trish Cravener

Mike Hanley

Chuck Allias

Emily Drury

Amy Roberts

Trudy Ivory – Arena Manager